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Our philosophy
 is not to recruit a huge number of new members and then leave you to deal with them. We are heavily invested in helping you bring them in, but also in arming your team, from professional staff through volunteers, so that when the campaign is complete you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to retain them as permanent members of your organization.It’s the difference between renting members for a year (fundraising) and real growth!! It’s a triple bottom line; recruitment, engagement and retention!! Because we know that organization needs are not one size fits all, we customize our packages to work for you in a way that ensures you succeed!! If your organization needs to recruit new members and you are motivated in that direction, then a full campaign is probably the way to go.If you are an organization struggling with getting your volunteers to the table and you don’t think the full campaign model is best suited to your strengths, but you STILL need to recruit new members……a mini campaign may be just the thing.If you are an organization that has issues to address BEFORE you roll out your value to new members, then you might want to select options from our consulting package and let us help you optimize your position! The bottom line is, we want to be your partners in this process, we want to listen to YOU and help you determine what would work best to take you to the next level AND we want to design just THAT program!

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ROI: A campaign customized for YOUR organization, inspired and empowered staff, more engaged volunteers and new members who STAY members!!