If your Chamber would like to have the ability to send text message reminders to your members about upcoming events, or with important community-based information, the wait is FINALLY over!

With ChamberText180, Chambers across the US will be able to do that and more. Imagine being able to conduct contests or send out a quick survey question that you KNOW your members will see!

You won’t BELIEVE everything ChamberText180 is capable of...INCLUDING a possible NON-DUES REVENUE stream. And, when you see the pricing, you’ll wonder how it’s even possible.
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To make this as SIMPLE and PAIN-FREE for you as possible, there are no passwords or log-in’s to remember, no new software to learn.  I’m going to be handling EVERYTHING for you, setting up your KEYWORDS and Short Code combos as well as any auto-responders.  You’ll certainly have ACCESS to a log-in and password, but you’ll never need to use it unless you chose to do so.

In other words, if you want your members to text the word NETWORKING (the keyword) to 72727 (the shared short code), I’ll get that working for you.  Then, you just have your members who are specifically interested in receiving NETWORKING updates send that text.  From there, I’ll make sure they get notified the day of each upcoming networking opportunity.  Suppose you wanted to create another database of people interested in volunteer opportunities or Government Affairs updates, or one for your YP group.  We can set up additional keywords like VOL, GOV and YP and we can segment your communications efforts to each group.

Here’s the bottom line:  When you sign up, I’ll get your account all set up, then I’ll schedule a call with you to get your keywords and auto-responders up and running.  The process takes just a few minutes to get your account ready and only a few minutes after that to set your actual campaigns up.  Any time you want to send out a new message, all you have to do is email or call and we’ll get it done for you.

If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to write or call any time.  Otherwise, if you’re ready to get started, simply click THIS LINK and get signed up.  It’s just a $50 start-up and $50/month for you, and that includes up to THREE keywords and 3000 SENT TEXTS/month.  When you build your list up and need more than 3000 texts, any “overage” will cost just pennies per text sent.  Incoming text messages (members signing up and replying to questions, etc) are ALWAYS FREE for you.

That’s it.  Thanks again and I look forward to working with you and your team.

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