Right around this time every year, our hearts and minds turn to selfless acts. We talk about what we’re grateful for and we try and find new and exciting ways to give back just a little of that “karma” that helped us get wherever it is we are. Well this year, I wanted to do something on a different scale. I want to give a gift to an entire community…maybe YOUR community.

Here’s how it will work:

Nominate your city by responding to this post below. Tell me the name and location of your community, some of the GREAT things going on there and why you think they’re the most deserving. I’ll review the responses and choose a winner. Want to know what you’re playing for?

The winning response will get one full week of consulting at no charge. You might want me to spend a day or two working with your team on staff development. Maybe you’d like me to sit in on a Board meeting or help facilitate your annual Board retreat. You could set up a day of workshops for your members or just schedule one-on-one meetings with local business-owners who need some marketing or management help. I could spend some time working with your non-profit members or speak to your Young Professionals group on entrepreneurship and leadership. Or we could just hang out and spend some time chatting about where your organization is and where it’s going. The time is yours and the sky’s the limit!

What’s the catch? There really IS no catch. The winning response will have to cover the travel expenses, but the entire week worth of consulting (valued at up to $20,000) is absolutely free.
The winner will be announced on 12/21/15.