What happens if…

  • You can’t get out of the office for professional development.
  • Financial and time constraints prevent you from sending your staff members out for professional development.
  • You have issues that are stealing your focus and creating a culture of frustration.
  • You are a one person shop and need access to resources that would strengthen your organization and keep you current.

Membership180 understands ALL these situations! We are tapped into the Chamber/Association industry and armed with tools and tips from the trade that will keep you current with the rest of your industry peers. You may have a fantastic board, but they don’t get what you go through on a daily basis. Our coaching program can help you navigate through some of the tough or frustrating situations, define solutions, keep you accountable to those solutions and watch your organization get stronger as a result!!

In our virtual coaching module, we use the latest technology to come to you “face to face” once a week. This can be in your weekly staff meeting or one on one with whatever member of the staff needs specific work in a targeted area.

“Working with Jay has been amazing! Through his approach to elevating the membership process from “Package Peddler” to Professional Consultant, my conversations with prospective members has led to more thorough dialog and greater success. It’s a style that I’m more comfortable with professionally and personally, and one that doesn’t drain my energy the way “traditional” sales (chamber show and tell) does. I highly recommend Membership180’s Virtual Coaching sessions for next level recruiting!”

Nikki Mendez,
Membership Director Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Training for Membership OrganizationsMembership180 is now offering virtual training for organizations that due to time or financial constraints are unable to do on-location training.

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with Membership180 and let us help you turn YOUR organization in the right direction.

Hourly Rate is $150/hour. Discounts will apply for each package
increase. ALL packages must be paid for in advance.

4 week Package $600

13 week (rate drops to $125 + 1 week free) $1500

26 week (rate drops to $115 + 2 weeks free) $2760

52 week (rate drops to $100 + 4 weeks free) $4800