Organizational Consulting
Non-profits are the heart of a community and recently corporate social responsibility has become a hot topic. As chambers look for ways to provide relevance not only to their members, but to their communities, assisting non-profits in training their boards to be more effective is a sound “business” practice. This is “business” education that you may not have thought of as a part of your chamber program of work, but that could make you a hero! How does it work?

  • You reach out to non-profit executives and offer this special training session for their boards.
  • Their entire board can attend, their executive committee, select members; they decide what would be beneficial. What does it cover?
  • The “business” of non-profits
  • Board responsibility and accountability
  • Fluidity; the flow of a solid program of work
  • Defining your “space”
  • Creating a culture of caring
  • Effective storytelling; bragging AND transparency Who attends?
  • Any member of a non-profit board in your service area.
  • Full board, executive committee, select members How do I pay for it?
  • Member/non-member fee for attendance
  • Sponsorship
  • Use professional development/education budget
  • Partner with other organizations and co-host

Consultant Fee 3 hour training……….$1500

Travel expenses…….to include airfare/ground transportation or mileage if driving, hotel and meals if overnight required