The Announcement

What happens when you blend the most comprehensive Membership Development and Management System with the newest philosophy in sustainable growth for Chambers?

You get the new & improved “Enhanced by Membership180” version of the Chamber Nation platform!

Imagine having your CRM optimized to fit with Membership180’s successful “Culture of Engagement” program, ensuring your organization is laser focused on delivering value and a measurable ROI to every one of your existing members, new members, prospects and volunteers!

Between the Membership180’s philosophy and the outstanding support services provided to Chamber staff and members, we are sure you will be thrilled with the overall outcomes!!

The Benefit

“Drip Marketing”

Chamber consultant Jay Handler has developed an already written, 10-step “drip” that will automatically be turned on when you upgrade.

The program instantly emails the new member the “first steps” letter that appears to come from the Chamber CEO. The letter thanks them for joining and tells them how to get the MOST out of their new membership.

Sends emails to the Membership professional who actually sold the membership, prompting a follow-up.

Sends reminders to the Ambassador Chairperson, Membership Committee Chair or Board of Directors.

ALSO includes a “drip” program for renewing members.

“Engagement Ranking System”

Jay has created a scoring system that will assign points to members for various activities from attendance to sponsoring events

Allows you to see at a glance the “Engagement Score” of each individual member AND the membership as a whole

Weighted scoring that attaches the significance you want to certain activities of your organization

This feature helps you identify members who might be “at risk” for not renewing based on their “engagement”.

Identifying the “at risk” group you can then create a plan to reach out to that smaller group of members to discover what engagement means to them.

Ongoing developments to “enhance” your Chamber Nation system even MORE.

The Perks!

Every Chamber that signs up for the Membership180 version of the Chamber Nation system will receive:

An on-boarding phone call from Jay at Membership180

A 6-month checkup call for as long as they remain members of the Chamber Nation family.

Consulting assistance designed to help the Chamber Integrate Membership180’s philosophy, of creating a “Culture of Engagement” for your organization.

Membership180’s Philosophy + The Outstanding Support of ChamberNation.

Chamber Success!

For more information contact…

Richard Scully, CEO
855-ADD-Members/(855) 233-6362 Ext. 701
[email protected]