What’s the MAGIC WORD?  As a kid, I used to hate it when my parents asked me that.  I KNEW they wanted me to say “please”, but it just seemed so condescending.  That word wasn’t really magic, but it allowed us to make magical things happen.  When we wanted a cookie, simply using asking nicely, saying “please” and looking cute would often be enough to get us that cookie.  Sure, being polite still works as an adult, but what if I told you there was a magic word you could use that would INSTANTLY make your organization more important to the members you serve?  Furthermore, what if you knew that word and discovered that the more you used it, the more impact you’d have on your members, your industry, your community?  Would you want to know what this word was?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  The wizard will tell you the word because because because because because……………

The word is “BECAUSE”.

What’s so magical about that word?  Simply put, it forces you to do something I’ve asked you to do for quite some time.  I suspect your chamber does a decent job of telling your members what you’re doing for them.  (If not, what are you waiting for???)  The challenge is in making sure they actually get it.  They may know that you’re fighting for or against some piece of legislation, but do they understand WHY or how the outcome affects them directly?  Start using the word “BECAUSE” and they’ll soon find out.

“We’re fighting this piece of legislation BECAUSE…”

“We’re advocating in favor of this outcome BECAUSE…”

“We believe Joe is the right candidate BECAUSE…”

“We’re raising your dues this year BECAUSE…”


See what I mean?  Using this one simple word we’ve known since we were children will FORCE us to answer the question “WHY?”  In order for our organizations to grow SUSTAINABLY, we have to remember that our most important job is educating our members and our prospective members.  We have to teach them why we’re important, how to utilize us to their greatest advantage, and so much more.

Do you want more members?  Do you want more money in your budget?  Do you want to have a greater impact on those you serve?  Do you want more influence with those who can help your cause?  Tape a sign on your computer with the Magic Word written on it and find ways to incorporate it into your conversations, your communications, everything we say and do as an organization…BECAUSE it’s the key to long-term, sustainable growth and relevancy.

I’m issuing a challenge BECAUSE I truly want your organization to be stronger today than it was yesterday.  If you will make a concerted effort to incorporate BECAUSE into your messaging and write to me in 30 days to tell me how it’s made an impact on your chamber or association, I’ll send you a free copy of my book “The 8 M’s of Marketing for Organization Management Professionals”.  Are you up to the challenge?  I look forward to hearing from you next month!